Technical Program

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Accepted Papers

Analysis of Real Networks

Giorgio Fagiolo, Javier Reyes and Stefano Schiavo. Dynamics and Evolution of the International Trade Network

Giuseppe Nunnari, Giuseppe Puglisi, Alessandro Bonforte and Alessandro Spata. Small World Behavior of the Planetary Active Volcanoes Network: Preliminary Results

Jelena Zivkovic, Marija Mitrovic and Bosiljka Tadic. Correlation Patterns in Gene Expressions along the Cell Cycle of Yeast

Community Structure

Alexandre Cristino, Roberto Andrade and Luciano Costa. Detecting and Characterizing the Modular Structure of the Yeast Transcription Network.

Steve Gregory. Finding Overlapping Communities Using Disjoint Community Detection Algorithms

Dario Fiumicello, Alessandro Longheu and Giuseppe Mangioni. Discovering Community Structure on Large Networks Using a Grid Computing Environment

Biao Xiang, En-Hong Chen and Tao Zhou. Finding Community Structure Based on Subgraph Similarity

Network Modeling

Ulrik Brandes, Juergen Lerner, Uwe Nagel and Bobo Nick. Structural Trends in Network Ensembles

Jens Gustedt. Generalized Attachment Models for the Genesis of Graphs with High Clustering Coefficient

Paulino R. Villas Boas, Francisco A. Rodrigues and Luciano da F. Costa. Modeling Highway Networks with Path-Geographical Transformations

Network Dynamics

Slobodan Maletic and Milan Rajkovic. Simplicial Complex of Opinions on Scale-free Networks

Paul Loya and Adam Lucas. An Axiomatic Foundation for Epidemics on Complex Networks

Sergey Melnik and James Gleeson. Analytical Approach to Bond Percolation on Clustered Networks


Masatoshi FUNABASHI, David Chavalarias and Jean-Philippe Cointet. Order-wise Correlation Dynamics in Text Data

Susanne Hoche, David Hardcastle and Peter Flach. Using Time Dependent Link Reduction to Improve the Efficiency of Topic Prediction in Co-Authorship Graphs

Kazuo Aoyama, Kazumi Saito, Takashi Yamada and Naonori Ueda. Fast Similarity Search in Small-World Networks

Anna Lawniczak, Hao Wu and Bruno Di Stefano. Detection of Packet Traffic Anomalous Behaviour via Information Entropy

Ben Collingsworth and Ronaldo Menezes. Identification of Organizational Tension Using Complex Networks